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Room-by-Room Control

Individualized comfort solution systems for each education space

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Classroom Preferred™ for School HVAC Systems

School buildings face a variety of challenges, that can lead to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable conditions. Little or no ventilation, poor temperature and humidity control and frequently changing schedules make it difficult to provide classrooms with conditions conducive to learning. Also, many central HVAC systems take up expensive square footage, are complicated to control and share air with multiple classrooms throughout the building.

With Bard, students (and staff) can breathe easily. We pioneered the concept of providing a single, separate comfort system serving individual classrooms by providing each space with the independent climate control it requires. Our indoor or outdoor comfort systems offer significant energy savings with patented ventilation packages and quiet operation, making the classroom a safe and comfortable space for learning.


Invisible Comfort

The Bard I-TEC units blend into classroom settings with several high quality color options or graphic covers and increase usable school square footage by eliminating equipment rooms. The exterior mounted units provide the same quality, dependability and quiet operation from outside the classroom. We work with architects to fit the design within budget constraints by eliminating piping, duct-work, and fire dampers while significantly reducing installation time.

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Precision Comfort

Bard's precision systems can be designed for the needs of each classroom while eliminating costly and complicated central systems. Bard comfort systems provide ventilation, temperature and humidity control with high efficiency and quiet operation. Bard systems include highly efficient ECM indoor blower motors, and most applications can accept MERV 13 filters, recommended for added filtration of virus sized particles. A stand-alone, DDC-compatible commercial controls platform is available with the customized operation within pre-set parameters established by the school’s maintenance director.

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Keep Budgets in Line

Schools operate on lean budgets. To stay within your HVAC funding parameters, you need high performance, affordable installation and low operating costs. With Bard, you get all three. Our systems blend seamlessly into classroom environments and lower your maintenance costs, up-front investment, and long-term costs while adding durability and reliability.

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Designed for Easy Installation and Maintenance

Bard designs equipment with easily accessible components for service and control. Compared with typical roof-mounted equipment, our vertical package units eliminate risks associated with roof penetrations and significantly simplify accessibility and maintenance. Bard systems control temperature, ventilation and humidity with smart options such as air-source air conditioners and heat pumps, water-source heat pumps and gas-electric equipment.

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Bard Classroom Preferred

Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology

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Products Fit for School

Classroom Preferred provides three HVAC product families for school: the I-TEC, Q-TEC and Wall-Mount. Each has its advantages and unique features, while all provide quiet comfort, smart design features, durable construction and generous warranties.

Case Studies: Educational Facilities

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