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Battery and Energy Storage

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Dynamic Cooling Capacity for Daily Changes

Take control of your energy bill while increasing battery life

Consistent Ideal Temperature

Battery life directly correlates with the temperature in which it’s stored. If a battery storage facility’s temperature wanders outside of the ideal range, it could significantly impact the longevity of the battery. 

Bard’s systems help maintain consistent ideal temperatures during battery charging and discharging operations. By operating with variable fan speeds, plenty of static pressure and multiple capacities, you’ll have the right amount of cooling to maximize battery life by keeping conditions in the target range.

Top and Bottom Supply Units

Depending on your facility’s configuration and the types of batteries and energy units you store, you may benefit from either a top supply or bottom supply unit. Bard has products to meet both needs, empowering you to manage the thermal envelope with the greatest efficiency and performance.

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Off-Peak Power Generation

With efficient temperature control, you’re able to generate power at the most effective time (sunny days for solar power, windy days for wind power, etc.), and then store the energy at temperatures that will keep it ready for usage when needed.

Traditional and Alternative Energy

Bard Manufacturing units work with all types of energy including traditional and alternative or renewable energies. Our team can help you select the right configurations for your facility.

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Flexible Control Systems

Use your own control system or one of Bard’s for a synchronized operation with a team or individualized facility-based temperature control. 

Applications of Battery storage

  • Peak shaving
  • Frequency regulating
  • Load following
  • Load management
  • Storing excess renewable generation
  • Transmission and distribution deferral