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Smart Solutions for Light Commercial HVAC

Uncomplicate Installation and Maintenance

Vertical Wall-Mounted Systems

Nobody has time for a leaky roof. So why tempt fate by cutting a hole in the roof of your commercial building? Stick with what works: Bard’s wall-mounted light commercial HVAC systems are installed and serviced from the outside of the building, requiring no one to get on top of the roof.

Enhanced Features

Our units offer patented features such as factory-or-field-installed ventilation options and control modules. Bard has system solutions designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 131 °F in various extreme conditions.

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Bard units on the side of a building

Active Dehumidification

Having an excellent HVAC solution goes beyond just temperature control. Keep your commercial building at peak comfort with units that provide active dehumidification operation.

Ventilation Options

Ventilation options to meet code occupancy requirements can be field or factory installed. Ventilation can also provide a means of saving energy while keeping indoor areas comfortable.

Bard units with fans visible on unit