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Designed With Modular in Mind

Bard is best when it comes to Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) and HVAC for modular buildings

When Simple Assembly Matters

The nature of the modular industry requires buildings to be assembled and shipped to locations quickly and reliably. Our units provide HVAC for modular buildings with sealed refrigerant systems designed with modular industry requirements in mind and proven to withstand extensive over-the-road travel. 

With Bard, you can have consistent ventilation and improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a single packaged unit. No separate refrigeration lines are required, so you can install equipment before transporting.

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Time-Tested and Durable

For almost 60 years, Bard has been the go-to choice for wall-mounted units in modular buildings of all types. Our HVAC systems provide flexibility, efficiency and performance for years of trouble-free performance.

Quiet Comfort

Our code-compliant comfort systems operate quietly, providing distraction-free fresh air with multiple options for optimal settings.

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Service Tech Checking Voltage

Easy Maintenance and Service

Our wall-mounted units are easy to install, maintain and service. Our vast service and distribution network supports the units wherever they are.

Simple Plug-and-Play Solution

Bard offers easy installation without the need for refrigerant charging equipment. As an all-in-one package, cooling, heating and ventilation are provided for modular applications.

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