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Industrial, Mining and Petrochemical

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Efficient Cooling for Extreme Environments

A Simple Solution for Temperature Control in Rugged Applications

Safe Cooling When There Can Be No Mistakes

Large equipment dominates the industrial, mining and petrochemical industries, and they all need efficient, safe cooling systems to protect people, electronics, equipment and battery backup systems. Bard’s specialized temperature control systems protect facilities with big internal heat loads by offering multiple units to keep areas cool. Systems are easily transportable, built with HVAC installed offsite and shipped to the mine or industrial site. Bard also combats corrosion by offering coated coils and stainless steel units. Each unit allows for easy maintenance for routine filter changes and cleaning.

The Wall-Mount Standard for exterior installations

No matter the size of the equipment you’re using, Bard’s standard wall-mounts provide an easily accessible exterior cooling system.

Construction workers in front of exterior Bard units
Oil rig on water

A Simple Solution for Temperature control in rugged environments

Bard has several levels of support with our technicians and distributors to help you choose the appropriate unit or units for your application. The products are reliable and durable, even in the harshest conditions and the most remote environments.