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Equipment Shelter / Telecom

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Trusted Telecom Climate Control

Keep heat load under control in telecommunication buildings with Bard Wall-Mount Cooling Systems

Some Like it Hot...But Not Us

Equipment shelters and telecom buildings need to walk the line of keeping electronic equipment cool while keeping an eye on energy savings. Furthermore, a strained cooling system can fail or require more frequent maintenance.

With Bard, telecom buildings with demanding heat load have met their match. We have various rugged, reliable, wall-mounted products — both standard and PLC controlled — that maintain a consistent target temperature, keeping your hardware safe from the heat.

Check out Bard's Telecom Calculator. 

5G and Beyond

Bard’s solutions provide flexibility with cooling outputs designed to keep temperatures stable for 5G, edge computing, edge data centers, and beyond. 

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Remote Communication Via Ethernet

The LC6000 has remote communication capability by using Bard-Link which includes built-in webpages that offer setpoint adjustment, zone monitoring, unit monitoring, access to the display of the controller, a trend logger and a technician log. Modbus communication is also available, and a complete points list is listed at containing all functionality. Communication uses IPV4 or IPV6 protocol.

Durable, Reliable Consistency

Heat loads in telecom buildings can fluctuate as new equipment is introduced and older equipment is removed, making it challenging to keep a consistent heat load and stressing typical cooling systems. Our rugged, reliable units are specifically designed for telecommunications applications and backed by the nationwide Bard distributor network to support you when you need it.

Image of outdoor BARD Hvac units
externally mounted Bard units

The Full-Flow Economizer™

Bard units can be equipped with our Full-Flow Economizer, capable of 100% full-rated CFM airflow for free cooling from the outside air. Using balanced intake and exhaust, the Economizer doesn’t over-pressurize the building, and it filters outdoor air to keep the air inside the facility clean. If outdoor conditions aren’t ideal, the Economizer will automatically switch off, and the AC mode will seamlessly take over the cooling.