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Indoor Agriculture

Optimize Growing Conditions for Indoor Agriculture

Keeping your plants healthy, even in the most challenging spaces

The Bard AGRI-TEC is specifically designed to help your plants thrive in consistent temperatures and humidity. 

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Striving for Perfection

There’s a delicate balance of temperature, humidity and airflow necessary to bring forth a successful yield. Bard HVAC units include dehumidification, ventilation, and consistent temperature control in a convenient system ideally suited for indoor agriculture applications.

Benefits of Going Outside

With Bard wall-mounts, units are mounted on the exterior wall of the building or container. The units can be serviced from the outside, reducing the risk of contamination and protecting privacy. Your qualified local contractor can service Bard units.

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One Simple Solution

Bard products are an all-in-one solution for temperature control, dehumidification and ventilation.

Reliable, Industrial Equipment

Durability, reliability and dependability are paramount when optimal growing conditions are vital for maximum yield. Bard’s indoor agriculture units are industrial-strength, high-quality systems built to last.

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Maximize Your Yield

Maximizing your available space means you can grow more crops without worrying about taking up valuable indoor square footage with an HVAC unit. Since Bard’s wall-mounts can be installed and serviced outside, that leaves every inch of space for your plants and equipment.

Performance, All year round

Bard units operate in extreme conditions year-round including low outdoor ambient temperatures. Selected systems are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 131 °F in various extreme conditions. Additional product accessories can be added to protect performance.

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Protecting Your Investment

Standard hydrophilic coil coating provides corrosion protection and increases drainage speed to help prevent mold and mildew. Optional technicoat coating is recommended for longevity and unit protection in the indoor agriculture market due to the natural corrosive environment.