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Data Centers

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Tight Temperature Control for Energy Efficiency

Climate control solutions specifically designed for data centers

When Precise Climate Control Matters

Bard Manufacturing provides tight temperature and humidity regulation specifically designed for data center cooling. Our systems improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) for economical, effective climate control for data centers by creating an ideal environment for equipment longevity.

Space-Saving Equipment

Every square inch counts when it comes to server storage. Bard’s equipment doesn’t take up extra space with ducting and large, bulky in-room units. Our modular approach to installation means you select the right units for your space which can be placed in easily-accessible locations on the outside of walls, allowing more usable floor space for revenue-generating data center equipment.

Bard units on exterior of data center building
Bard unit mounted on exterior of data center

Protect Your UPS

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit is critical for data centers to keep power running in an outage. Bard’s wall-mounted HVAC units protect UPS systems and buildings from overheating, particularly in mission-critical scenarios, by controlling climate with precision.

Remote Access

Bard systems can be accessed remotely for real-time adjustments and control anytime, anywhere. Keep your data center performing at optimal temperatures for healthy equipment and monitor system status anywhere in the world.

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Exterior mounted units

Top and Bottom Supply Units

Depending on your facility’s configuration and the types of batteries and energy units you store, you may benefit from either a top supply or bottom supply unit. Bard has products to meet both needs.

Low cost of ownership

Technology built on a long history of reliable operation makes Bard wall-mounts the wall-mount of choice. Additionally, fine-tuning of performance, service and preventative maintenance are all accomplished outside the building or remotely, keeping secure areas free from unnecessary foot traffic.

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