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Extreme Durability for Mobile HVAC

No Matter Where You Roam, Bard Meets the Challenge

Reliable Mobile HVAC Solutions

Over-the-road traveling can be challenging on typical heating and air conditioning installations. Extreme temperatures and terrain often cause premature failure in systems during over-the-road travel. With Bard’s mobile over-the-road HVAC systems, we put durability and reliability at the heart of the design.

Shake Tested and Approved

We are one of the only manufacturers to test equipment on a Lansmont table which sends fibrations at multiple frequencies through every part of the unit. This mimicking various road conditions and systematically testing the equipment’s durability.

Bard unit on semi truck
Truck with HVAC units

From Land to Sea and Everywhere in Between

Bard’s wall-mounted mobile HVAC units are suitable for a variety of applications including everything from 18-wheel truck trailers to electronic billboards to cargo ships.

On-the-Road Comfort

Bard mobile HVAC units inherently provide optimal temperature control, but we go well beyond that. Factory or field-installed ventilation options and control modules are available as well as add-on options like hot gas reheat dehumidification to remove moisture from even the most humid environments.

semi truck with Bard unit next to palm trees