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Welcome to another episode of Coffee with Cliff, filmed live from the AHR Show. We’re answering questions from customers about the Bard MEGA-TEC.

What advanced components are in the MEGA-TEC?

  • Filter switch
  • Fan failure switch
  • PLC
  • PLC expansion board
  • Outdoor fan 
  • Indoor fan
  • EEV expansion valve
  • Pressure transducers 

What are the maintenance requirements of the MEGA-TEC?

There are two maintenance requirements to keep in mind:

  1. Always make sure to change your filters and use the proper filter MERV rating for the job.
  2. Always maintain your condenser coil. To do that, pull the fan out, soap the condenser coil off, then blow the dirt outward.

What can you tell me to help me install a MEGA-TEC?

There are several features with installation of the MEGA-TEC to be aware of. There are electrical entrances on both sides. The communication is on the right side. The high voltage power is on the left side.

A special thank you to our special guests at the AHR Show!

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