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Val Verde Unified School District Perris, California

Helping Create a Quiet, Comfortable Environment for Learning

Some people say that Perris, California used to be a quiet, sleepy little town.

Situated almost halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, Perris was a place where sheep casually roamed the valley, and where people discovered what the land had to offer; a moderate climate with rich soil good for farming. But Perris’s sleepy image began to change in the spring of 1886, when it became a stop along the Transcontinental Route of the Santa Fe Railroad.

Today, Perris continues to thrive. With a current population of 45,000, and continued population growth over the last several decades, dramatic improvements and expansion have been made to the Val Verde Unified School District. Val Verde, with its 23 school buildings serves a 60 mile radius, including Perris, Moreno Valley and Riverside County, California.

To remain flexible in accommodating the number, as well as individual needs of students, Val Verde employed modular construction techniques with many of its buildings. These modular units are built off-site, employ a stucco wrap and have a flat roof and a wood floor. Although they are relatively inexpensive to build they do have the unfortunate characteristic in that they can also be noisy.


Exploding population growth over the past several decades has lead to dramatic improvements and expansion of the Val Verde Unified School District.

“For a long time we were looking at ways to improve the quality of our building’s construction, and with them their acoustical environment,” said Todd Butcher, Director of Maintenance and Operation at Val Verde Unified School District.

This idea led Val Verde to develop its own prototype classroom, one that used a sloped roof with a 4 foot overhang and a concrete floor. This prototype, which would create better sound insulation from outside noise while providing needed shade from the sun, would be used to build the new May Ranch Elementary School slated for opening in 2008.

Why Bard?

Thirty years ago, Bard began solving the comfort needs of schools across the country by providing wall -mounted heating and cooling equipment. Bard’s products offer a combination of quiet operation, patented ventilation packages, unsurpassed quality and dependability that make them the #1 choice of many school officials.

With three, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a global distribution network, Bard’s commitment to quality and product innovation begins with its commitment to research and development. With features like self-diagnostics and self-programming energy monitors, Bard delivers products that provide tangible solutions for today’s modern school facilities.

Bard delivers products that provide tangible solutions for today’s school facilities whether they are new buildings, renovations, or preserved historic landmarks.

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Bard’s Contribution

“In conjunction with our prototype construction, we also wanted to see if we could obtain quieter operating air conditioning units, said Butcher. Our ultimate goal was to additionally reduce the overall decibel levels within each of our classrooms.”

That’s when Val Verde turned to Geary Pacific, the local distributor of Bard HVAC equipment.

“Based upon their needs, we quickly ascertained that Bard’s Quiet Climate 2 series was the perfect option for what they needed,” said Dave Gorman, Head of School Sales for Geary Pacific.

Already impressed from their previous working experience with Bard, Val Verde decided to test the Quiet Climate 2 in the single best environment for testing noise levels – Val Verde’s Audiology Laboratory where student’s hearing is tested.

“The environment for evaluating our students has improved by at least 200%, said Randy Lerner,” District Audiologist for Val Verde Unified School District.

Since the Bard Quiet Climate 2 has been installed, the overall ambient noise level in the clinic has dropped considerably from 58 dbA to 37 dbA (decibels recorded ten feet in front of the unit).

“With the old unit, I used to have to turn it off during a testing session because it sounded like there was a farm tractor outside the window,” says Lerner. “Now students comment on how quiet the lab is – and that’s when the unit is on!”

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“The environment for evaluating our students has improved by at least 200%.” Randy Lerner, District Audiologist for Val Verde Unified School District.


“Bard overwhelmingly proved to us that they are able to help us reduce the sound levels in our school’s classrooms, said Butcher. “If they can make our audiologist as confident as he is with the Laboratory’s ambient noise level, we know the units will perform just as well in our regular classrooms.”

Because of its success with the Audiology Laboratory, Val Verde Unified is planning to use Quiet Climate 2 units in its new May Ranch Elementary School.

“It’s great that a company like Bard has not only the reputation that they do for making quiet units, but that they also have an interest in helping create a quiet, comfortable environment in which our children can better learn,” added Lerner.

Bard’s experience working with school systems around the country helps them design, manufacture and support the best HVAC systems on the market. Bard units operate quietly, are energy efficient and are also able to save customers money on their maintenance costs because they are simple to maintain and service.

“Working together with Geary Pacific and Bard, we were able to create an even more quiet, comfortable environment in which our students can better hear and learn in,” added Butcher.

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“Bard has overwhelmingly proved to our school district they are able to help us reduce the sound levels in our school’s classrooms.”

Todd Butcher Director of Maintenance and Operation Val Verde Unified School District

Quiet Climate 2

Bard’s Quiet-Climate 2 heat pump is the most innovative wall-mount ever made.

Designed specifically to provide quiet operation in classrooms, the Quiet Climate 2 provides operating sound levels that are 20 to 35 times quieter than a standard wall-mounted heat pump.

Bard’s Quiet Climate 2 can provide the following features:

  • A one-piece factory unit designed for fast installation and easy servicing
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Additional sound curbing accessories including, an isolation curb and return air and supply air plenums
  • Improved ventilation
  • Enhanced IAQ