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Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology Q&A

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Coffee with Cliff

Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology Q&A

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Welcome to another episode of Coffee with Cliff, filmed live from the AHR Show in Chicago. We’re answering questions from customers about the Bard Variable Speed Wall-Mount with Inverter Technology. 


Will the Variable Speed Wall-Mount be more efficient than the TS/CH 2-Stage Heat Pump? 

Yes! This is the most efficient Bard product to date. 


How does the variable capacity match the load requirements in the space? 

The control and thermostat communicate constantly with the unit, so the unit adjusts capacity as needed. 


How do designers determine which units to select for their projects? 

There are many factors to consider, such as capacity range.


What ventilation options are available in the new inverter unit? 

The ventilation options are similar to our standard wall-mounts, but with a few key differences. The biggest change is with the economizer/CRV. The economizer logic is built into the unit, and the damper package can either function as an economizer or CRV, whichever the application desires. 


Do the evaporator fan and condenser fan adjust their speed as a function of the compressor capacity? 

Yes! Both indoor and outdoor fans adjust to provide the quietest and most energy-efficient operation possible. 


A special thank you to our special guests at the AHR Show!

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