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UL 60335 Requirements

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UL 60335 Requirements

Welcome to another episode of Coffee with Cliff! Today we’ll talk about UL 60335 and the requirements for this new safety standard. It will replace UL 1995 for most Bard products.

Why are we transitioning from UL 1995 to UL 60335?

UL 60335 is the new UL 1995. As UL 1995 ends, transitioning to UL 60335 keeps Bard equipment compliant with regulations.

UL 60335 Heat Strip vs UL 1995 Heat Strip

The key differences between these heat strips are the limits and the thermal cutoffs.

Electrical Rating Changes for Select Models

Electrical MCA and MOCP ratings will change for select models. When looking at electrical data, ensure you have the proper breaker protection and wire size.

KWFLA & BTU Output

Heaters will produce the same amount of heat, but it will be shown slightly different in specs.

Watch the video to learn more! If you have further questions about UL 60335, please contact the Bard Technical Service Team at 419-636-0439.