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Filters: Types & Service Maintenance

Welcome to another episode of Coffee with Cliff! Today we're talking about filters: throwaway filters, permanent filters, MERV ratings, MERV types, and how to provide service maintenance on a filter.


2” Pleated Filter

You'll find 2” pleated filters in many Bard products. When replacing the filter, there are several details to look for:

  • Filter Size: Check both the Nominal Filter Size and Actual Filter Size.
  • MERV Rating: The MERV rating on the filter needs to match what the Bard product is capable of handling. Most Bard products today can handle up to a MERV 13 filter, but older products may only be able to handle up to a MERV 8 filter.
  • UL Certified: Check that the filter is UL certified, and it meets the same requirements of your old filter.
  • Airflow Direction: It's important to look at the airflow direction on the filter.


MERV Ratings

  • MERV2: Minimal Filtration Applications
  • MERV8: Light Filtration Commercial Applications
  • MERV11: Medium Filtration Commercial Applications
  • MERV13: High Filtration Commercial Applications

1“ Throw Away Filter

1” throw away filters are typically a MERV 2 rating. Most Bard products can use either a 1” throw away or a 2” throw away filter. Upgrading from a 1” filter to a 2” filter will give you a higher filtration value. Remember to reference your manual for what your Bard product is capable of handling.

1” Permanent Filter

A 1” permanent filter has aluminum mesh to hold the media in place. It typically has a washable foam media inside, and an aluminum or plastic frame. 1” permanent filters are typically used in applications where maintenance teams wash the media on a routine basis. Always keep spare permanent filters to use while washing the other filter.

Aluminum Mesh Filter

An aluminum mesh filter is a very coarse filter that's used over vent openings for intake air into the unit, catching big media particles. It can be washed with soap and water.


Providing Service Maintenance on a Filter

Watch the above video at 3:56 to learn how to provide service maintenance on filters.


If you have further questions about filters, please review your unit manual or contact the Bard Technical Service Team at 419-636-0439.