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Reliable, durable and efficient. That’s our design mantra for Telecom cooling units. It all comes together with our unique Full-Flow™ Economizer, which can provide free cooling operation for over 50% of the run-time. Bard continually develops innovative new products specifically designed for demanding telecommunications applications. All our products are backed by the Bard Distributor Network that's there when you need it. You worry about finding the next, hot communications technology. Bard will worry about keeping it cool.



Bard wall-mount units are recognized as the most reliable, competitive, durable and long-lasting air conditioners available in the world. This is especially important for telecommunications where maintaining the right temperature is critical to operations, 24/7/365. Bard provides economical equipment protection with customized economizer savings plans and provides local service referrals for your Bard telecom HVAC units. We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to code updates, efficiency requirements and the latest technologies.


When it comes to telecom shelters, temperature maintenance is critical. You need the right HVAC system to protect the shelters electronics. That means Bard. We offer superior solutions, plus we make sure we’re at the right place at the right time – with the right price. Along with our outstanding wall-mount products, our local distribution, technical support and training programs have propelled us to the top.


Even when shelter locations are extremely remote and difficult to access, you still need parts in a hurry. Bard maintains a local distribution network with hundreds of independent distribution centers that stock OEM parts. When you add in our world-class technical support team and training department, the Bard advantage becomes clear.



Please browse through our product guides, then contact us to learn more about an optimized telecom shelter environmental system.