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Classroom Preferred for School HVAC Solutions.

Bard pioneered the concept of providing a single comfort system per classroom. We believe every classroom is its own ecosystem, sometimes requiring significant fresh air and cooling capacity and other times requiring just a hint of mechanical comfort conditioning. Bard’s individualized wall-mounted comfort systems, whether exterior or interior, provide significant energy savings while offering quiet operation, patented ventilation packages and unsurpassed dependability – making Bard the smart choice for schools around the world.


Invisible comfort makes Bard stand apart.
Our I-TEC units blend into the classroom with magnetic dry erase board covers, and increase useable school square footage by eliminating the need for equipment rooms. Our exterior mounted units offer the same quality, dependability and quiet operation. And, Bard helps fit your design into your client’s time and budget constraints by eliminating costly piping, duct-work and fire dampers while significantly reducing installation time.


You’ll love our precision comfort systems. They allow you to easily design for the needs of each classroom, while eliminating costly and complicated central systems. High efficiency, low sound levels, ventilation and humidity control are all available. You can also choose a stand-alone, DDC-compatible commercial controls platform with the option of customized operation within pre-set parameters established by the maintenance director.


To keep budgets in line you must demand high performance, affordable installation cost and low operating cost. Bard delivers all three. What’s more, Bard in-classroom units blend seamlessly into the environment with quiet operation and optimum functionality with dry erase and magnetic board exteriors. Selecting Bard lowers your maintenance costs, up-front investment dollars and long-term costs, while adding incredible reliability in one of the quietest packages available.


Bard designs our equipment with installation and maintenance in mind, with easily accessible components for service and control. Selecting Bard vertical package units rather than typical roof-mounted equipment eliminates risks associated with roof penetrations and significantly simplifies accessibility and maintenance. Our unique equipment is designed to control temperature, ventilation and humidity with smart options such as air-source air conditioners and heat pumps, water-source heat pumps and gas electric equipment.



Discover Bard’s innovative products, then contact us to learn how we can help find the right comfort solution for you.