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Bard Customers Say It Best

You don’t have to take our word for how versatile, dependable and rugged Bard’s products are or how great our service is. Our best advertisements are satisfied customers who have used Bard equipment on their projects.

Take a look at some real live examples of Bard products and systems in use by our customers. While every situation is unique, you may find that some of the issues these customers faced are similar to your own. Bard has solutions for renovations of historic schools and for environmental concerns of new educational complexes – all on a tight budget. Choosing Bard to meet your heating, cooling and Indoor Air Quality needs is the reliable and affordable choice.

  • Countryside Charter School
    Benton Harbor, Michigan

    QH Series Q-TEC heat pump installation in Northern climate. Positive experiences with Bard equipment in the past, and the Architect's approval of a clean exterior appearance, led to the selection of Bard's QH Series units for this project.

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  • Darlington Middle School
    Darlington, South Carolina

    Darlington elected to standardize their HVAC system with the Bard Exterior Mount units.   They not only enjoyed design flexibility and simplified installation but also continue to benefit from operating cost savings, Bard reliability and hassle-free maintenance.

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  • Hillcrest High School
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    QH Series Q-TEC & SH Series Quiet Climate I heat pumps - QH Series units across the front for anesthetics, SH Series units in the back for cost savings. The owner demanded high efficiency, low sound levels. The QH and SH units met the requirements.

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  • Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Laboratory
    Berkeley, California

    CH Quiet Climate2 Series proven to meet classroom ventilation in current minimum standards, while saving energy, and reducing HVAC related noise levels.

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  • McLean County School
    Normal, Illinois

    QW Series Q-TEC Geothermal Water-2-Air heat pumps. Ease of installation, serviceability, and 40% energy savings.

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  • Montgomery County Schools
    Biscoe, North Carolina

    CH Series Quiet-Climate2 Step Capacity Wall-Mount Heat Pumps. New Construction in using Bard saved $800,000 in installation and purchasing costs over a conventional system. Utilized savings allowed the school to install smart boards in every classroom.

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  • Newberry Elementary School
    Newberry, South Carolina

    QW Series Q-TEC geothermal heat pumps. Renovation of this historic school leads owner to select QW units. The QW Series allowed for a minimum of demolition and renovation inside the classroom, and no exterior wall penetrations.

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  • Ontario Montclair School District
    Ontario, California

    CH Quiet Climate2 Series Heat Pump provided 50% energy savings and reduced ambient classroom noise levels by over 75%. Bard units are designed to be environmentally friendly while offering fast installation and easy servicing

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  • Rantoul / Fisher High School

    QW series Q-TEC water source heat pumps.   Bard Q-TEC water source heat pumps made the job easy and economical.   Now the school enjoys energy-efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation at significant savings.

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  • Riverside Modular Classroom Study
    Riverside, California

    Bard WH Standard Efficiency Series & CH Series Quiet-Climate 2 H/P  Acoustical Study- A Practical Application And Solution.

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  • St. Patrick's Catholic School
    Bryan, Ohio

    CH Quiet Climate2 Series Heat Pumps. Replaces outdated boiler heating, adding cooling, resulted in improved indoor air quality at practically no added operational cost.

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  • Tennessee Valley Authority
    Nashville, Tennessee

    QW Series Q-TEC geothermal heat pumps with Energy Recovery Ventilators offered dramatic energy savings, when compared to console geothermal units and a central ventilation system. TVA recommends QW units with the Bard CS2000 Energy monitor, for low installation and operating costs. TVA can offer quick payback for the owners investment.

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  • Tuscumbia City Schools
    Tuscumbia, Alabama

    WG Series gas/electric wall-mount with energy recovery ventilators and dehumidification. With a project over budget, Bard's distributor offered to delete the central ventilation system, and add ERV and dehumidification to the WG units. The redesign resulted in $300,000 of savings to the school.

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  • Val Verde Unified School District
    Perris, California

    CH Quiet Climate2 Series Heat Pump: Created a quiet, comfortable environment for learning. When installed in the Audiology Lab where student's hearing is tested, the environment for evaluating the students improved at least 200%

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  • Wilkes County Schools
    Wilkes County, North Carolina

    QH Series Q-TEC heat pumps: Owner selected the QH units for individual classroom control. Bard's system saved equipment space and installation cost, compared to Chiller/Boiler systems used in the past. The owner estimates $3.5 million in savings on overall construction cost, using Bard.

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  • Carroll School
    Lincoln, Massachusetts

    Relocatable Green Modular is the first modular classroom to be designed with LEED focus design elements. The Green modular design performed 56% better in energy cost, than similar, older style modular units. Bard QuietClimate 2 wall-mount is a big factor in the green modular design

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