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Wall-Mount Air Conditioner 400V 60Hz

Exterior Wall-Mount

Air Conditioner


K36A & K60A

Designed for export use only. Ideal for versatile applications. Offers maximum indoor comfort, serviceability, and reliability. Factory installed accessories are available to meet specific job requirements.

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Cabinet Colors
color swatch
X = Beige
color swatch
1 = White
color swatch
S = Stainless Steel

K36A & K60A

  • EER cooling efficiency
  • 37,500 & 57,500 Btuh cooling capacity
  • 400-3-60 Hz power
  • 2" MERV8 Air Filters
  • Twin blowers
  • Phase rotation monitor
  • R-410A green refrigerant
  • Aluminum finned copper coils

* For full product specifications see Product Resources tab below.

Model Group Ton Capacity Electrical Supply/Return
(HxW) & Spread (in)
Dimensions (in)

  • Ventilation Options
  • Supply/Return Grilles
  • Isolation/Sound Curbs
  • Upgrade Curbs
  • Thermostats
  • CompleteStat
  • MC5300/MC5600 Lead/Lag Controller
  • MC4002 Series Lead/Lag Controller
  • TEC40 Lead/Lag Controller
  • DC3000 Series Lead/Lag Controller